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 Elendor has a unique integrated mail and bulletin board system. READING your 
 mail is just like reading from bulletin boards. With only a couple 
 commands you can learn to do both at once! In addition, DELETING unwanted 
 mail and deleting your posts from bulletin boards is easy too!
   See HELP mail reading for how to read your mail and read bulletin boards.
   See HELP mail deleting for help on deleting mail messages and posts.

 Mailing a message consists of CREATING a message, WRITING it, EDITING it, and 
 then SENDING it. Posting messages to a bulletin board is just like writing 
 a mail message to someone except that you send it to a BB instead of a 
   See HELP mail creating for how to start a mail or bulletin board message.
   See HELP mail writing  for how to write the text of your message.
   See HELP mail editing  for how to fix mistakes in your message.
   See HELP mail sending  for how to send or post your finished message.

 There are also many specific commands for setting up and examining mailgroups 
 and bulletin boards.
   See HELP mail mailgroups for information on the mailgroup system.
   See HELP mail bboards    for information on creating bulletin boards.
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