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 Syntax: +UNMAIL <unique message ID number>

 This is a command that will take back a message that you have already mailed 
 or posted away. Here's how it works: Every mail message that has ever been 
 written on Elendor is given a unique number (usually about 6 digits long). 
 You will see this number at the top of messages when you +read them or 
 +proof them in progress and also when you send/post messages it will be 
 displayed in the confirmation message you get. That number is the one you 
 need for this command. It won't let you unmail a message if it's not yours 
 but you need to know the ID number. Somebody who you sent it to should be 
 able to tell you it. Also you can unmail postings from bulletin boards 
 too. (Just read the message on the bboard to find out the ID number.) 
 Unmailing a message draws it back into your buffer so that you can use the 
 editing commands on it and send it again or +TOSS it. You can't unmail a 
 message if you are already in the process of writing one. You will need to 
 either +TOSS the one you are in the middle of writing or send it before 
 being able to unmail a previous one.

 Example: +unmail 203993
   (Takes back the message 203993 from everyone's mailbox and off of any 
    bulletin boards it was sent to and puts it in your buffer for editing.)
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