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Syntax: +PPROOF

 The +PPROOF command is only available to players using Smial or Pueblo as 
 their client program. (See NEWS SMIAL.) It opens a graphical interface for 
 writing and editing new +mail messages. If you use it when you don't have 
 any mail message in progress, you can start a new message using the window 
 that opens. If you already have a mail message in progress, the window 
 will allow you to edit that message.

 Type or edit the message subject line using the top line of the window. Type 
 or edit the message address using the second line of the window. The 
 message text itself goes in the larger text edit box that follows. If the 
 message you are currently editing contains one or more forwarded message 
 texts (which you can't edit), text entry boxes will be available before 
 and after each uneditable block of forwarded text.

 Nothing you change in the message composition window will have any permanent 
 effect until you click the "Commit" button at the bottom. At that point, 
 if you hadn't already started a message using the +mail, +reply, or 
 +forward commands, a new message will be started using the data you've 
 entered in the window. If you've already started a message, your message 
 in progress will be replaced with the one you've entered. In either case, 
 you can use the regular +PROOF command to see it in the game.

 To send your message, you must use the regular game "--" command. (See HELP 
 mail sending.) For safety reasons there is no button in the composition 
 window for sending the message. After you've sent your message, the mail 
 composition window will NOT close automatically. You must close it using 
 the close box at the far right of the window's title bar. If you click the 
 "Commit" button again after you've sent the message, you will be starting 
 a new duplicate message, not editing the one you already sent. You can, 
 however, use the +unmail command to retrieve your sent message and then 
 use the still-open composition window to edit it at that point.
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