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 Syntax: +MAIL [<address>=<subject>]

 This is the help file for the +MAIL command. To see the top-level help menu 
 for the entire mail system, type HELP mail (with no plus sign).

 The +MAIL command starts a new mail message. <address> is a space-separated 
 list of player names, player dbrefs, mailgroup names, and/or bulletin 
 board names. <subject> is a text string that is the subject line of your 
 message. If you change your mind later, you can edit the address with the 
 +ADDRESS and +CC commands and the subject with the +SUBJECT command. (See 
 HELP EDITING.) Once you've started your message, see HELP WRITING for how 
 to write the text. If you don't provide an address or subject, the +MAIL 
 command just tells you how many mail messages you and your other 
 characters have.

 Example 1: +mail Fred=How to skin a cat
   (Starts a message to Fred with subject line "How to skin a cat")
 Example 2: +mail Joe Bill Fred=Elendor's a great mush
   (Starts a message to Joe, Bill, and Fred entitled "Elendor's a great mush")
 Example 3: +mail admins=Quota Request
   (Starts a message to the "admins" mailgroup entitled "Quota Request")
 Example 4: +mail public=Who's J.R.R.?
   (Starts a posting to the "public" bulletin board entitled "Who's J.R.R.?")
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