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 Syntax: +REPLY[/FULL] [@<altname>] [<bboard name>] <message>

 This command replies to a message from your mailbox or on a bulletin board. If 
 the message is on a bulletin board, your reply will be addressed to that 
 bulletin board. If it is a mail message in your mailbox then it will be 
 addressed to the sender and all addressees (except you) of the original 
 message. If the /FULL switch is supplied, your reply will instead be 
 addressed to _everyone_ who received the original message (not just the 
 bulletin board if it is a bulletin board posting and not omitting you if 
 it is a message in your mailbox). The subject line will be set to "Re: the 
 original message's subject line". See HELP mail editing for how to change 
 the address and/or subject line once +reply has been executed.

 Example1: +reply 5
   (Starts a message in reply to message 5 in your mailbox.)
 Example2: +reply public 3
   (Starts a message in reply to the public bulletin board's third posting.)
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