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Syntax: +PMAIL

 This command is only available to players using Pueblo or Smial as their 
 client program. (See NEWS SMIAL.) It opens a new window with a graphical 
 interface to Elendor's +mail system. The selection box at the top of the 
 window allows you to select which bulletin board or alt char's mailbox to 
 view. Check the "Allow message deletions" checkbox if you wish to be able 
 to mark messages for deletion. Click the "View List" button to refresh the 
 list after making changes.

 Below the controls at the top of the window will be a list of all the mail 
 messages in the mailbox or bulletin board you've selected. Click on any 
 line to read the message.

 When you click on a message in the main +pmail window, a second window opens 
 which displays the text of the message selected. Above and below the 
 message text you will see a row of buttons. The "Back" button views the 
 previous message in the mailbox or bulletin board, and the "Next" button 
 views the next message. The "Reply" and "Forward" buttons start a new mail 
 message in reply to the displayed message or forwarding the displayed 
 message. When you click one of those two buttons, a new mail-composition 
 window opens in which you can write and edit your new mail message. This 
 window is the same as the window that opens when you use the +PPROOF 
 command. See HELP +pproof for details.

 If you've checked the "Allow message deletions" checkbox, you can also check 
 the box that appears to the left of each message to mark it for deletion. 
 To commit the changes, click the "Delete!" button at the bottom. To 
 actually delete messages marked for deletion, you must use the +CLEAR 
 command. For safety reasons there is no button for it. See HELP +clear.
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