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 Syntax: +EXPUNGE [@<altname>] [<bboard name>] <message>

 This command immediately and spontaneously eliminates a message whether or not 
 it's marked for deletion and whether or not you've even read it yet. If no 
 bulletin board is given, the message is deleted from your mailbox. If a 
 bulletin board is provided then it deletes the posting from the bulletin 
 board. The post must either be yours or you must be an administrator of 
 that bulletin board. Be very careful with this command. You don't get any 
 second chances here. Use +DELETE and +CLEAR instead if possible. Bulletin 
 board administrators: Remember to put the bboard name! Otherwise you'll 
 delete your own mail by mistake!

 Example 1: +expunge 3
   (Deletes your message number 3 from your mailbox immediately.)
 Example 2: +expunge public 4
   (Deletes message 4 from the public bulletin board.)
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