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 There are five basic commands for reading mail messages and bulletin board 
 posts, and a fourth one for mail sorting:

   See HELP +skim     for how to get a list of messages you can read.
   See HELP +read     for how to read a particular message.
   See HELP +bblist   for a list of bulletin boards.
   See HELP +bbscan   to search bulletin boards for new posts.
   See HELP +unread   to mark a message as unread after it has been read.
   See HELP +mailsort for how to resort the mail in your mailbox.

 If you have a mail-reading program like Eudora or Netscape Messenger, you can 
 also read mail offline. See HELP MAILSERVER for details.

 If you use Pueblo or Smial as your client program (see NEWS SMIAL), then you 
 can use the special +PMAIL command to read mail using a graphical 
 interface. See HELP +pmail for details.

 For information on how to block +mail messages from arriving in your mailbox, 
 see HELP mail blocking.
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