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 Syntax 1: +EDIT <old text>/<new text>
 Syntax 2: +EDIT<delimiter><old text><delimiter><new text>

 This is like the @edit command for attributes. It takes all occurrences of 
 <old text> and replaces them with <new text> in your message. It then 
 prints out your changed message with the changes hilighted (if your 
 terminal supports ansi). If <old text> is a $ then <new text> is appended 
 to the end of your message. If <old text> is ^ then <new text> is 
 prepended to your message. (Warning: Sometimes the mail system has trouble 
 printing out your modified message with the changes hilighted. If it 
 doesn't look right, try using +proof to check it. +PROOF always shows the 
 message as it will look to others when they read it.) You can specify a 
 delimiter other than the "/" character by using the second syntax.

 Example 1: +edit wonderful/very wonderful
   (Edits all occurrences of "wonderful" in your message to "very wonderful".)
 Example 2: +edit,good/bad,good/evil
   (Edits all occurrences of "good/bad" to "good/evil".)
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