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 Syntax: +FORWARD [@<altname>] [<bboard name>] <message>=<address>

 This begins a message which is a forward of an existing message. The message 
 subject will be the text <fwd> followed by the original message subject. 
 The message text will begin with the text: <Forwarded message originally 
 by ______> with the original author's name in the blank. This will be 
 followed by the text of the original message and finally <End of forwarded 
 message>. You can add more to the message by using the commands listed in 
 HELP mail writing. The <address> you specify is a list of player names, 
 player dbrefs, mail groups, and/or bulletin boards.

 Example 1: +forward 10=Jake
   (Begins a forward of your 10th message, addressed to Jake.)

 Example 2: +forward public 3=admins
   (Begins a forward of the third posting on the public bboard to the admins 
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