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 Elendor's bulletin board system is fully integrated into the mailing system. 
 That means that you can post to bulletin boards simply by placing the 
 bulletin board name in the address of a mail message. See HELP mail for a 
 complete description of how to write mail messages and use the mail 
 system. The following are a list of commands that deal specifically with 
 bulletin boards:

 See HELP +bblist      for a list of bulletin boards.
 See HELP +bbscan      for how to search boards for new posts.
 See HELP +bbcreate    for creating a new bulletin board.
 See HELP +bbdelete    for deleting bulletin boards.
 See HELP +bbrename    for renaming bulletin boards.
 See HELP +bbheader    for how to set the +skim header for bboards.
 See HELP +bbreadlock  for how to read-lock bulletin boards.
 See HELP +bbpostlock  for how to post-lock bulletin boards.
 See HELP +bbadminlock to specify the administrators of a bboard.
 See HELP +bbtimeout   to set the autopurge delay for bboards.
 See HELP +bbnotify    to enable notification messages for postings.
 See HELP +reauthor    to edit the "From" field on bboard postings.
 See HELP +bbinfo      to get technical info on bboards.
 See HELP +bbpurge     for information on the auto-purge mechanism.
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