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 Syntax: +BBSCAN [@<altname>] [<timespec>]

 If <timespec> is omitted, this command displays a list of all bulletin boards 
 to which new messages have been posted since you last disconnected. If 
 specified, <timespec> is to be a date. Posts newer than this date will 
 cause those bboards to appear in the list. <timespec> can have many 

(1.) A date of the form 8/15/96 or 8/15 or 8-15-96 or 8-15.
(2.) A day number. If the number is less than or equal to the current day 
     of the month, +bbscan assumes you are referring to this month. Otherwise 
     it assumes you are referring to the previous month.
(3.) A space-separated list of tokens of the form <#><d|h|m|s>. This is 
     taken as a negative offset from the current date and time. For example, to 
     see a list of boards with posts as recent as one day ago, type: +bbscan 1d
(4.) A seconds count of the form returned by the secs() function.
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