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 Syntax 1: +MGROUP/LIST [<group name>]
 Without a group name, this lists all mailgroups. If given a group name, it 
 lists all members of that mail group.

 Syntax 2: +MGROUP/EX <group name>
 Gives the literal definition of the specified mailgroup.

 Syntax 3: +MGROUP/ADD <name>=<address>
 This is an admin-only command that creates a new mailgroup by the given name. 
 <address> is a list of player names, player dbrefs, and/or bulletin boards 
 (no other mailgroups allowed). Admins are encouraged to use dbref numbers 
 instead of names and to avoid naming mailgroups identically to bulletin 
 boards. In the event of a conflict, the mailgroup name has priority, 
 however if a conflicting name is used in the mailgroup <address>, it 
 defaults to the bulletin board.

 Syntax 4: +MGROUP/REMOVE <name>
 This admin-only command deletes the mailgroup specified by <name>.
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