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 Writing the text of messages is very easy. Just type a hyphen character (-) 
 and then put whatever text you want to write in your message and then hit 
 return. You can execute this command as many times as you want and it just 
 continues to insert text onto the end of your message. To insert a 
 carriage return in your message, put %r in the text. A tab is %t. To put a 
 percent sign (%) in the message you need type FOUR of them (%%%%). If you 
 have an attribute on an object and you want to paste that text into a 
 message, there are two ways. If you want any codes like %r's to come out 
 as carriage returns, do this:


 If you want codes to come out literally (like you are pasting code into a 
 message) do this:


 See HELP mail writing examples for some examples.
 See HELP mail editing for how to modify the message that you've written.
 See HELP mail evaluation for how to write complex mail messages.
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