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Elendor's unique customized chat system has many special features and
options. Help is available for each of the following commands:

 See HELP +com speak   for how to speak on channels.
 See HELP +com join    for how to join chat channels.
 See HELP +com leave   for how to leave chat channels.
 See HELP +com default for how to specify your default channel.
 See HELP +com who     to find out who is currently listening on channels.
 See HELP +com list    to get a list of all available channels.
 See HELP +com haven   to learn about how to quickly leave all channels.
 See HELP +comset      for information about channel sets.
 See HELP +com toggles for information on some special options.
 See HELP +com info    to get technical information about channels.
 See HELP +com admin   for administrative commands.

 The original +COM was coded by Bilbo@Elendor.
 The current version was coded by Lukthil@Elendor.
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