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 Syntax: +COMSET/DEFINE <name of set>=<list of channels>

 This command creates a new channel set (or replaces an existing one if one of 
 the same name already exists; or deletes an existing one if one already 
 exists and <list of channels> is empty). <name of set> is a case-
 insensitive text string. The rules for a legal name are the same as the 
 rules for legal attribute names. (No spaces and no special characters.) 
 <list of channels> is a space-separated list of the full names of all the 
 channels to be included in the set. You will receive an error message for 
 any illegal channels. Actually this command simply creates an attribute on 
 you named COMSET_<name of set> which contains <list of channels> as its 
 text. Users familiar with how to set attributes on themselves may wish to 
 simply set the attribute themselves and forget about this command and the 
 other +COMSET defining commands.

 Example: +COMSET/DEFINE myset=public code newbie
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