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 Syntax: +COM/HAVEN

 This command toggles +com/haven on and off. When you toggle +com/haven on, you 
 immediately leave all your channels. This is useful when you want to get 
 away from all the channel spam fast to do something like roleplay without 
 interruption. When you hit +com/haven again, you will rejoin all the 
 channels that you left.

 Information for users of the +comset system: +Com/haven is actually a shortcut 
 syntax for the +COMSET system. The +com/haven command defines a channel 
 set on you named "HAVEN" consisting of all the channels that you are 
 joined to. It then +COMSET's you to a null channel set consisting of no 
 channels. When you toggle +com/haven off again, it +COMSET's you to the 
 "HAVEN" channel set and deletes it from your set of channels.
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