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 look [<object>]
 look <person>'s <object>

 Displays the description of <object>, or the room you're in if you don't 
 name a specific object.  You can specify object as <name> or #<dbref> or 
 'me' or 'here'. The second form of this command allows you to look at
 objects held by other people, if the person is not OPAQUE.
 Look can take one switch, "outside". look/outside allows you to
 look at objects outside your current location, as long as your
 immediate location is not a room, and is not OPAQUE.

 If you look at an object that is not set OPAQUE, you will see any non-DARK
 items in its inventory. You can look at DARK items in your location if 
 you know what their name is by typing 'look <object>', but they will
 not show up in the list of contents.

 When you type 'look' alone, you look at your current location. For a room,
 this normally shows you the room's description, the list of contents, and
 any obvious exits from the room. For an object, it only shows you the
 interior description (@idescribe).
 If a room is set DARK, when you look you will not see any of the exits
 or contents of the room, unless they are set LIGHT. 

 'look' may be abbreviated 'l'.
 See also: opaque, flags, @describe, @adescribe, @odescribe, dark, light
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