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 Flag:  DARK  (all types)
 If a room is DARK, then no items are shown when a person 
 'looks' there. If a thing is DARK, then "look" does not list that 
 object in the room's Contents:, and if an exit is DARK, it doesn't 
 show up in the Obvious Exits: list.  Puppets cannot be DARK. Note that
 players, puppets, and other "hearing" objects still trigger enter/leave
 messages when in DARK areas. Elendor supports "full invisibility":
 players and objects that are dark will be slightly disguised in speech
 and poses. Such actions by these objects will show as being from Someone
 or Something depending on whether it was an object or wizard player.
 Players who can hide from the WHO list should use @hide/on and
 @hide/off to control this, not the DARK flag. While any player
 can turn off their DARK flag, only Wizards can set their DARK flag.

 Wizards who are DARK "disappear" completely -- they are not on the WHO
 list, do not announce connects and disconnects, etc.
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