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 Flag:  TRANSPARENT  (all types)

 If this flag is set on a room, it will display exits in "long" format.
 Instead of putting all the exits on one line under "Obvious exits:"
 it prints each exit on a line by itself, in the format:
 <Exit Name> leads to <Exit Destination>.
 Thus, you might have:
    Obvious exits:
    South leads to Joe's Room.
    East leads to City Park.
 instead of
    Obvious exits:
    South  East

 Exits set OPAQUE are still shown in the short format, so you can mix
 the two.

 If this flag is set on an exit, when a player looks at the exit they
 will see the description and contents of the destination room following
 the exit's description.  The exit list and succ/fail messages of the
 room will NOT be displayed. See also CLOUDY.

 See also: CLOUDY, opaque, EXITS, @exitformat
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