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 The following commands will help you move around the game:

  Command  Description
  -------  -----------
   go       walk through an exit
   look     repeat the room description, contents list, and exit list
   +ooc     jump to the OOC Complex
   +ic      return to Middle-earth from the OOC Complex
   home     jump to your home in Middle-earth
   quit     disconnect from the game

 Whenever you enter a room, you will see the room's name followed by the room
 description. If there is anything in the room (besides you), then below the
 room description you will usually see the word "Contents:" followed by a
 list of what is there. Finally, you should see the words "Obvious exits:"
 followed by a list of the directions you can go. You can repeat all this
 information at any time by typing "look". You can also get a more detailed
 description of any object or exit by typing "look <objectname>" or "look
 <exitname>". (E.g. "look north").
 When you decide that you want to move to another room, you can go through
 any of the exits by typing "go <exitname>". (E.g. "go north"). There are a
 number of ways to abbreviate that command. First of all, the word "go" is
 unnecessary. You can just type the exit name to go through the exit. (E.g.
 "north" instead of "go north"). Secondly, you usually don't have to type
 out the entire name of the exit. Exit names will have certain letters cap-
 italized. Any exit's name can be abbreviated by typing only those letters.
 For example, you might see:

       Obvious exits:
       Hall of the Guard
       Winding Staircase
       Main Gate

 In this case you could go to the "Hall of the Guard" by typing "go hg" or
 just "hg". Similarly, you could go through the other exits by typing "ws"
 or "mg" respectively.
 When you first leave the character creation sequence, you will be deposited
 in a room called the "Recruiting Room" which is part of a place called the
 "OOC Complex". OOC stands for Out-Of-Character. That means that nobody is
 roleplaying when they are in the OOC Complex. It is a collection of rooms
 for other activities like getting information and adjusting your character.
 You can move around the rooms of the OOC Complex using the commands desc-
 ribed earlier. When you decide that you'd like to leave the OOC Complex and
 enter Middle-earth (the game-playing world), then you type "+ic". (IC stands
 for In-Character.) You can return to the OOC Complex at any time by typing
 "+ooc". You can also return to the spot at which you entered Middle-earth by
 typing "home".

 The last command in the list, "quit" is for disconnecting from the game

 Type "help <command>" for more extensive help on any command in the list.
 Type "help intro" to return to the main list of quick-start topics.
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