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 Elendor supports these standard lock types:

 @lock/enter           Who can enter the player/object
 @lock/teleport        Who can teleport to the room
 @lock/use             Who can use the object
 @lock/page            Who can page the player
 @lock/zone            Who can control objects on this zone
 @lock/parent          Who can @parent something to this object/room
 @lock/link            Who can @link something to this object/room
 @lock/mail            Who can +mail the player
 @lock/user:<name>     User-defined. No built-in function of this lock,
                       but users can test it with elock() 
 @lock/speech          Who can speak/pose/emit in this room (admin-only)
 @lock/listen          Who can trigger my @listen/^-patterns
 @lock/leave           Who can leave this object
 @lock/drop            Who can drop this object, or who can drop an object
                       here (if set on a room)
 Elendor-specific lock types:
 @lock/give            Who can give this object (see GIVE)
 @lock/from            Who can give to this object (see GIVE)
 @lock/receive         What can be given to this object (see GIVE)
 @lock/move            Where an object can move to (admin-only)
 @lock/arrive          What objects can be moved into this one (admin-only)
 @lock/control         Objects which pass this lock control the object

 @elock is an abbreviation for @lock/enter
 @ulock is an abbreviation for @lock/use

 See also: @lock, FAILURE
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