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 give <player>=<credits/object>

 Gives player the specified number of credits or <object>. You can't give 
 someone credits if their new total would be greater than 100000 credits. 
 (No reason to get greedy)  You may also give players objects, but the 
 other player must be set ENTER_OK in order to receive something you give.
 Giving money to an object gives the money to the object's owner. Some
 MUSHes may have @lock/give enabled, which determines who is allowed to
 give an object.

 Elendor Change: In order to successfully give an <object>, <player> must
 be set ENTER_OK, you must pass <object>'s Give lock, you must pass
 <player>'s From lock, and <object> must pass <player>'s Receive lock.
 The giver is the enactor and the dbref of <object> is %0 for these locks.

 See also: @pay, @cost, @lock, inventory
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