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 The following commands are useful for getting information about cultures
 and other players.

  Command     Description
 -----------  -----------
  +who        list the names of all players online and some info about them
  +finger     get detailed information about a particular player
  +cultures   list all the cultures on Elendor along with some statistics
  +info       get current information about a particular culture
  +locals     find out who the Local Admins of a particular culture are
  +admins     find out who the game admins are

    +who           (You will see a list of all the players currently online.)
    +finger Fred             (You will see a page of info about player Fred.)
    +cultures                       (A list of all the cultures will appear.)
    +info Mordain                     (Gives info about the Mordain culture.)
    +locals Shirefolk      (Lists the Local Admins of the Shirefolk culture.)
    +admins                     (Lists the names of the game administrators.)

 Type "help <command>" for more help on any of the above commands.
 Type "help intro" to return to the main list of quick-start topics.
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