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 Several major variants of functions are available. The help topics
 are listed below, together with a quick summary of the function type
 and some examples of that type of function.

 Attribute functions: attribute-related manipulations (GET, UFUN)
 Boolean functions:  produce 0 or 1 (false or true) answers  (OR, AND)
 Dbref functions: return dbref info related to objects (LOC, LEXITS)
 Floating point functions: floating point math (SIN, ROUND)
 Information functions:  find out something about objects (FLAGS, MONEY)
 List functions:  manipulate lists (REVWORDS, FIRST)
 Math functions:  number manipulation, generic or integers only (ADD, DIV)
 String functions:  string manipulation (ESCAPE, FLIP)
 Utility functions: general utilities (TIME, COMP)
 The command "@config/functions" lists all of the game's built-in functions.
 The command "@function" lists all of the game's global functions.
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