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 examine[/<switch>] <object>[/<attribute>] 
 Displays all available information about <object>.  <object> may be an 
 object, 'me' or 'here'. You must control the object to examine it.  If 
 you do not own the object, or it is not visible, you will just see the 
 name of the object's owner.  May be abbreviated 'ex <object>'.  If the 
 attribute parameter is given, you will only see that attribute (good 
 for looking at code). You can also wild-card match on attributes.  For 
 example. to see all the attributes that began with a 'v' you could do 
 ex <object>/v*
 Examine takes three switches, "brief"  (equivalent to the "brief" command),
 "debug", which is a wizard-only switch, and "mortal".  "debug" examine
 will show the raw values for certain fields in an object. "mortal"
 examine will show an object as if you were a mortal and not the object's
 owner. It's primarily useful to admins.
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