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The Dwarf, stolid and serious amongst other species, is most comfortable back in the mines dug deep into the ground, in search of Middle-earth's hidden glories. Such mines still exist in the Blue Mountains (Ered-Luin) and Iron Hills (Emyn-Engrin, ruled by Thorin III), and the halls of Erebor (Lonely Mountain, ruled by Dain) which were recently been retaken by King Dain and his famous band of 13 companions. But all Dwarven hearts yearn for the glory that was lost when Khazad-Dum became a home for evil. Mithril is scarce nowadays, but soon perhaps Moria will be retaken.

The Dwarven culture is not well understood by most, for the Dwarves keep their language and traditions to themselves in all dealings with others. There has long been strife and unease between Dwarves and Elves. To most other folk, they are known only for their love of trade and their seemingly limitless stores of ore. But those who know them are agreed: As is recorded in Quenta Silmarillion, they are "stone-hard, stubborn, fast in friendship and in enmity, and they suffer hurt of body more hardily than all other speaking peoples; and they live long, far beyond the span of Men, yet not forever."

Of the Seven Families of the Dwarves, Durin's Folk is the most prevalent in Northwestern Middle-earth.

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