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The origin of hobbits is uncertain, but it is said that they migrated west out of the Anduin Valley, reaching Bree around 1300 TA, and the Shire in 1600. They resemble Men, but are shorter (about three feet tall). They rarely wear shoes, and their furry feet are their most characteristic feature.

The hobbit folk usually live in holes. Not nasty holes filled with worms but comfortable holes outfitted like a homey house. They are a cheerful people, conservative and peaceful: suspicious of outsiders but generous to their friends. Most hobbits live in the Shire, but a few more worldly ones live with the humans of Bree; only one hobbit has ever been known to live elsewhere, and he is Bilbo Baggins who lives with the elves of Imladris.

There are three 'breeds' (to use Tolkien's term) of hobbits: Harfoots, Stoors, and Fallohides. At one time these were distinct groups, but they are now of interest only to students of ancient lore: after long intermarriage, there is no such thing as a purebred hobbit of any breed, and the terms simply indicate the most predominant strain in a hobbit's ancestry.

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