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 TERM {on|off}

 This command switches Elendor's built-in telnet support on or off. When
 telnet support is on, the mush uses a more user-friendly style of communi-
 cation to let you type commands more easily. The line of input that you
 type stays isolated from the incoming text from the mush instead of getting
 interrupted midstream as it usually would. If your telnet supports vt52,
 vt100, or ansi terminal emulation, you can also use the cursor keys to move
 about within the edit line and insert text at any cursor position. In addi-
 tion to the improved input features, the mush will also automatically wrap
 incoming text from the mush to a 79-column display. (See HELP wrap for how
 to change the display width.) If you are familiar with the popular unix
 mudding client, Tinyfugue, this term emulation basically amounts to an
 approximation of how Tinyfugue behaves when visual mode is turned off. For
 a more comprehensive description of telnet and how to use it to connect to
 Elendor, see HELP telnet. The TERM command cannot be used within mushcode.

 See Also: HELP telnet, HELP wrap
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