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  • "Hello I am not a player on here, but was graciously allowed to use this character to send you this message. I run a home for abused children. These kids have come from some very horrid backgrounds. A few months ago one of the children came across this MUSH and signed on. Since then several of the kids have joined. I must tell you these kids who had there imaginations and dreams destroyed from years of abuse and neglect, have changed so much thanks to this MUSH. I would like to send a hearty thank you, you have put a smile on the faces of these kids."


  • Best Tolkien Community Site

-- Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine

  • Winner: Best Combat System
  • Winner: Best Fantasy MU*
  • Winner: Best Overall MU*

--Second Semi-Annual MU* Excellence Awards (Andys)

  • Elendor was featured on German and Austrian television in December, 2001, resulting in renewed interest among European Tolkien fans.

  • "Where do I start to describe the beauty of this MUSH (Multi User Simultaneous Hallucination, a variation on a mud)? This piece of art transcends text based Tolkien gaming. This is what role playing games are supposed to be. This game isn't for the faint of heart or the new user. This IS a hallucination. In Elendor, you don't just pick a race then go out and hack and slash for points. This is role playing required. A lot of fights are "Acted" out rather than using a system. While there is a system, it's not used as often as most multi user text based games. You can choose from a variety of different races, then you have to join a community. My time on this beautiful creation is spent as an Orc, based in Mordor. From there, I had to pick a garrison of Orcs to join, in which I chose Minas morgue. I now am basically a slave snag Orc, fresh out of the pits hoping to suck up enough and not be eaten by a troll (yes I’m serious) to survive to a real fighting' machine. As stated above role playing is required here and it is very heavy. Take heed, you might see some R-rated action here (Especially if you're becoming an Orc). The admin. and players alike are very friendly and very helpful... out of character. In character some may be dense Orcs such as myself, or even uncaring Nazgul. But note, this game doesn't stop at Orcs! There are elves hobbits, dwarves, and humans also each with their own communities and lands, so don't take my word for it, try it yourself. This extremely accurate MUSH is my favorite so far, and even though I plan to do many more reviews of other MUDs and mush's and the like, but, I have a feeling this one will remain the prodigal. My applause, appreciation, and love go out to the people who made this game. Thank You! This mush is recommended for more mature, veteran role-players/mudders. Newbies beware. Start out on Mordor. When it's all said and done, this MUSH gets 5 out of 4 claws."

--Review by "Smaug" at

  • "Tired of online roleplaying games in which the "roleplaying" consists primarily of typing the attack command over and over again until you lose interest? Try ElendorMUSH, a true "Multi-User Shared Hallucination" in which you BECOME a living, breathing participant in the fantastic universe of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth!

Elendor is a totally free online roleplaying game that is a cross between an interactive novel and a video game. You start by creating a character of one of 5 different races: elf, hobbit, dwarf, orc, or human. Then join any of 18 different cultures, from the peaceful hole-dwelling hobbits of the Shire to the evil orc legions of Mordor. Life on Elendor is truly like a page out of one of Tolkien's novels. You might meet weary bands of dwarves hailing from the great Lonely Mountain, or dine with the magical elves of Rivendell, hidden land of Elrond Half-elven. Or you can be more adventurous and sail the waves of the great Western Sea in search of plunder with the pirates of Umbar, or flee in terror from the Ringwraiths, servants of the Dark Lord! You might even meet up with Gandalf himself in a tavern in Bree! Most of the characters you meet will be fully interactive and expressive because they are being controlled and played by other gamers just like you. In fact you can even apply to play the major roles like Gandalf or Aragorn. Once you experience the world of Elendor, you'll never go back to dry, combat-only "roleplaying" games.

Getting started on Elendor is very easy even if you've never played an online game before. Just go to the game webpage,, and click on the link labeled "Connect to MUSH:". Once connected, you'll get lots of help from the online staff. With over 2000 players, Elendor is well populated every hour of the day or night. And the many friendly players and staff members there can answer your questions and help you get started playing.

If you're an experienced MUD-player, you've probably still never seen a game like Elendor. Elendor has been around since 1991 and has a full array of global systems including a finely-tuned skill/stat-based combat system, a full economic system with several forms of Middle-earth currency, an elaborate language system with support for 19 different spoken and written Tolkien languages, a convenient wardrobe system with which you can create a detailed collection of descriptions for your character, a custom designed chat system with over 100 channels, and its own mailer system equipped with over 100 bulletin boards where players plan game activities and discuss Tolkien's writing. The physical world on Elendor is equally impressive, and consists of over 1500 rooms spanning the length and breadth of Middle-earth, from the Iron Hills to the City of Umbar, and from the Great Western Sea to the Sea of Rhun. Room descriptions even change dynamically with the time of day, seasons, and weather.

Whether you're a Tolkien enthusiast, a roleplaying aficionado, or you've never tried online gaming before, Elendor is a game not to be missed. Give it a try!"
--Special at LotR Fanatics

  • "Elendor has consisently been one of the best online games that I've ever played. It creates a very real sense of what it would be like to live in the wonderful world that Tolkien created. It is centered around roleplay. You can have a character or characters in multiple cultures from the Shire all the way to Mordor itself. There are many characters that literally have a decade worth of development. The theme is of course rich as is the roleplay ability. There is a full fledged combat and economy system. I invite anyone to come to Elendor and just to ask for help on the newbie channel they will be instantly greeted by several eager players will to help them get started and situated."

--Review by "Bill" at The Mud Connector (See other reviews)

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