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 Syntax: +SKIM [@<altname>] [<bboard name>] [<messages>]

 Without any arguments, typing "+skim" by itself will list the message numbers, 
 authors, lengths, time written, and subject lines of all the mail in your 
 mailbox (or the first 50 if you have more than 50 messages). If you 
 specify a bulletin board name and you have read privileges on that 
 bulletin board, it will list all the posts currently on the bulletin board 
 (or the first 50 if more than 50 are posted). <messages> can be any of the 
 possible forms listed in HELP mail messages.

 Example 1: +skim
   (Lists the first 50 messages in your mailbox.)
 Example 2: +skim 10-20 26
   (Lists messages 10 through 20 in your mailbox and also message 26.)
 Example 3: +skim public
   (Lists the first 50 posts to the Public bulletin board.)
 Example 4: +skim public 20-30 40-45
   (Lists posts 20 through 30 and 40 through 45 on the Public bulletin board.)
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