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 Syntax 1: +COM/TOGGLE <name of toggle>
 Syntax 2: +COM/TOGGLES

 +Com toggles are options that can be toggled on or off. Syntax 1 toggles the 
 named option. Syntax 2 lists the names of all options available. A brief
 list with descriptions is as follows:

 MONITOR - When you toggle the Monitor option on, you will see a message
 every time anyone (except for Dark or Hidden administrators) leaves or joins a 
 channel that you are on.

 NOSHORTCOMS - When you toggle Noshortcoms on, you will be unable to use the 
 ,<channel> <message> and the =<message> syntaxes for speaking on channels. 
 You may want to do this if you are prone to typos.

 NOSPOOF - When you toggle the Nospoof option on, you will see players' dbref 
 numbers before every +com message.
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